Tales From The Cutlery Drawer

IMG_0004QJust a quick post to let you know that my new book of poetry ‘Tales From The Cutlery Drawer’ is now available.

I’m working on a special print copy at the moment but you can get your hands on my words, so to speak, from the link below .


Here is one of the poems from the book so you can see how ace it is ;0)

Cheers all



A Gulf Of Understanding

Monday night
In North Wales

We sit here
Safe within walls
Having lives, moments,

Existing in bubbles
Of self preservation
That blanket our
Barred window bodies

We heave with relief
When we survive another day
Making a deal
Out of the trivial
In domestic routine

Coloured and whites in the basket

Tomorrows football boots cleaned before school

But how weird is
this world of reasonable fortune
Which blinkered as we are
Forms the gulf of our understanding
Our context

When at that exact same moment

The cake bakes,
The kettle clicks as it boils
Or Eastenders starts

At that exact same moment
On the other side of the world
Or the opposite side of the road

Someone else dies