Pulco is the current recording project of  Welsh musician & artist Ash Cooke

Initially making his mark in 90’s group Derrero, Ash has continued to quietly release albums under the Pulco banner for the best part of fifteen years in amongst the chaos and busyness of his regular life.

During his time in Derrero the band released 3 critically acclaimed albums and toured with the likes of Super Furry Animals, Catatonia, Sebadoh and Granddaddy as well as collaborating on the film ‘Beautiful Mistake’ with John Cale. The band also recorded three sessions for the legendary John Peel .

Unpredictable and innovative, Pulco music is made with intentionally minimal means, just one microphone and an iPad. His autobiographical sketchbook style has characteristically diverse influences from Lou Barlow & Pavement to R. Stevie Moore and outsider art .

A prolific bedroom recording enthusiast, Pulco creates a musical patchwork of poetic fragments, found sounds,  household instrumentation and delightfully off kilter melodies that deserves to be in a genre of its own

Pulco is experimenting for your enjoyment, not your discomfort ‘

“Ashley Cooke is rarity. In years to come experts in eclectic cultural references will mention the name Pulco with great fondness” – Plastic Magazine


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