RELYCS EP Released today !!!!!!!

248182_580130112008097_641267267_nHi all, the Relycs EP is released today! have a read below for more information on project

‘Songs For Abandoned Tube Stations’ is an EP of songs by RELYCS,  inspired by the sights, sounds and ghosts of the dozens of closed, unused, or only-travelled-through-at-speed Underground tube stations beneath the streets of London. The EP contains 3 tracks – ‘Aldwych Branch Line’, ‘Lord’s Station’ and ‘Down Street’, recorded by me (Pulco), the brilliant Adam Leonard and chiptune master Stephen McLeod Blythe (AKA Unexpected Bowtie) respectively. The music  travels from  complex and highly evocative subterranean soundscapes, past Adam Leonard’s dark, dripping platform of ominous organ music and finally terminates with  Stephens wonderfully simple yet affective chip tune Nintendo Gameboy programming, like the music from some uncreated ‘Super Mario London Underground’ game.

Relycs Pic 1finalFormat for the release is limited edition C30 Magnetic Tape, each with 3 full colour numbered postcards, a credits sheet + a digital download. The tapes come in stickered, numbered slip cases and there will be 30 copies only.!!!

The EP is available from: Pethau Garw at a cost of £5+pp or you can just hit the button below

For more info on the other  Relycs members see the links below

Adam Leonard –

Unexpected Bowtie –

**** Pethau Garw has limited stock of the RELYCS tape. The release can also be purchased from Adam Leonard at ****