Sound Series Vol 1


I’ve recently started a Tumblr blog to sell my art & poetry. This site will also feature regular musical releases too, the first of which is up to download now.

Sound Series Vol 1 is a 20 minute sound collage in two parts that features field recordings made at the beginning of the year in and around Bangor and new poems written in the last month or so.

It is out now as a digital download but I will be releasing 4 limited edition copies on Cassette. Each one will come will a small painting and poetry broadsheet. I hope to have these finished by the end of the month.

I intend these releases to be a place for me to experiment more with found sound and spoken word. They will also include collaborations with other musicians and poets.

You can visit the Pethau Garw website here and Sound Series Vol 1 can be listened to and bought below