Pulco News For 2013

Welcome all to the world of Pulco in 2013. Christmas has gone and the snow is just about melting now. I’ve had by head buried in books and music over these dark winter months but the time is right to face the world once more & write a quick post up here to let you know what you can expect from Pulco this year.

First & final gig

I’ll be playing at the Buffalo Bar in Cardiff on Sat March 9th as part of the launch party for my good mate Jo Whitby’s album ‘The diary of me’

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Please come and see me because this will be the last ever Pulco gig. Yup, I’ve decided to retire from playing live. It has only been an occasional occurrence anyway over the last few years but I feel that the musical direction that I’m going in really won’t work for me in a live context anymore. The last 20 years have been ace so thanks to everyone who has ever clapped a hand or raised a glass.

New album – Clay Cutlery

A selection of new recordings is just about ready to head off for mastering

On this new album I’ve been continuing to explore the theme of sonic autobiography that has been creeping into my music over the last few years.

Using field recordings of places I’ve been to, odd rhythm loops made using simple iPad apps and my trusty £15 guitar the songs have evolved and unfolded as I have worked on them.

Over the summer last year I made recordings of the sounds in Folly Farm and the great organ in St David’s Cathedral to name but a few and these have all become part of the music.

Some of the tracks have become recognisable songs and others are just sound collages. Any vocals that were done have been one take improvisations drawing lyrics from the first book or magazine that came to hand

I wanted the tunes to be quite fresh & spontaneous.

I’ve got my fingers crossed as always that the album will come out on Folkwit Records later in the year and more importantly that I’ll be able to raise the money to make it !!

Poetry, Drawing & Music

I’ve opened up a shop at ETSY to make available my poetry books and drawings. I’m also planning to make a series of limited edition CDR releases of soundscapes and field recordings so watch this space.

And finally?…..

As well as contributing to the Laurence Made Me Cry album, I have also remixed two tracks for Johnno Casson. The songs will be on his album ‘Window Dressing’ which will appear later in the year.

Last but by no means least is an exciting project that I have been working on with Adam Leonard  Gareth Davies and Stephen Mcleod (Unexpected Bowtie). We have recorded a set of instrumental song inspired by abandoned London tube stations. The release will be cassette only !

 Ok pawb. Back to my writing