New Poems


1. Raising the game


If I could just hold out my hand

And reach this soul

 I would

 I do

 I try

Smart young mind just needs the chance

To step up from the floor

And Take control


Form a solid plan and

Up his game


We sequence time

To encourage triumph

Seizing the day in bounding

Chunks of glory


But at his age

He stands alone

On a busy stage

Waiting for comfort cues

When leading lines are needed


 2. Dr doom


Agreed with glee at first

To revisit old pastures of life chapters gone


Blanked by ancient memories of glory

I felt it rise in the gut


I took the lead to engage


Bit by bit though

Reality crept in

And old niggles granted themselves

Victorious returns


A Heavy weights hangs heavy

On shoulders older now

Giving me reason to remember

Why I dug a different hole to die in


For that is surely where I will reside

When the dust settles

And lays me bare


 3. In defense of booze


In regard to this:

By taking in to account all the evidence

Weighing up the pros and cons

 And adding all the pieces together

 In an attempt to

 Make a solid a case for the positive

 I still can only reach the simple conclusion

 That there is no excuse at all


 4. Egg Shells


It’s only a matter of time


Before the truth

Catches up with me

Spearing my vulnerable soul

Like a limp eyed fish


You should face facts


 For an act is what it appears to be


This thing that

sometimes Generates love

When the moment suits


Keeps you living


But more often

Than not

It reads like a guessing game


Performed on egg shells


 5. A world in which you cannot compete


When the choices

Are too many

And recipients few

The market gets thinner

For this man of lists


Faithful messages

Sent out with good intentions


Hit hard against

Hollow hearts


The desire to live hermit like

Looms large


And actions grow faster


But some faithful souls gather

And beat the gong


Sound the alarm with genuine force

To bowl back the hollow hearted ones

That have no place here

Inside our cell


 6. All these thing

How can you say you love me

When there are all these things









And me somehow powerless

To change