New Album – Work In Progress

I bought this book  featuring the poet Adrian Henri while on holiday over the summer and it kind of gave me the 8030193602_cc79fe147e_bmotivation to start a new album. His poems are ace and I have mostly used them as lyrics on the tunes I’m working on at the moment.
I got listening  to Captain Beefheart  (especially the drums on Trout Mask Replica) and early albums by the Fall and decided to record something more hard-edged this time – ie no acoustic guitar !!
When I thought about how to put the album together I had this idea to construct a slightly Dadaist imaginary radio programme (the Pulco Show) that would have songs, poems and weird little dramatic interludes. There is a theatre like intro and cheesy credits outro.
The album is called ‘Innovation In The Trade’
The track below is a rough mix of a song called ‘Fan Heater’ it is a jolly tune with gnarly guitars and a shouty vocal – (track deleted sorry)