Innovation In The Trade

Cover 3This post is something of an update for those of you that may be wondered whats happening with the new Pulco album. Innovation In The Trade has been revamped and is now complete. More details on it’s release to come in the next month or so but for now here is a little bit of info about the album.

It’s funny how songs come together

I’d started with an idea of recording a number of abstract live drum loops as a basis for each song after being inspired again by the awesome rhythms on Captain Beefhearts’ Trout Mask Replica.

I knew I’d end up with a set of gnarly off the wall guitar songs and I also made a decision not to use any acoustic guitar either.

I found myself exploring the idea of monologues and short stories and was determined to find a way to include some of these on the album.

During my summer holidays I bought a book of poetry by Adrian Henri in a small bookshop in Aberaeron. His words were perfect for the edgy verbal approach that I had in mind and I’ve actually used loads of his poems for lyrics on the album.

On a musical level a chance thought lead me back to listen again to a Fall CD that I’d never really taken much notice of before. My thoughts also drifted back to the cut & paste approach of Pavement. I think that the sounds of both bands had a big part in the making of Innovation In The Trade.

I terms of an overall direction for the album, the final bridge that I crossed was to immerse myself in a growing love of all things DADA. Part of the Dadaist manifesto says – ‘ Reject reason and logic. Prize nonsense, irrationality and intuition’. That makes perfect sense to me.

So now pass onward to Innovation In The Trade.