I Just Saw John Barrowman

Social media is dead now,
Social media is gone.
It thrived for a while but now it’s all just talking and no listening.
Fragmented clicks and posts are reducing time to a brief set of images
That self-delete in seconds.
Word of mouth is all that’s left
And sound is communicated and consumed by purists
That lie beneath the thundering data stream.

There is maturity in obscurity

We feel and acknowledge this sense of place in the niche within the niche.
But we are backing ourselves into a corner
And our angered voices lay in tatters unheard in the digital mist

It’s made by machines
It’s made by machines

Do yourself a favour and get out now, run to the hills or drink yourself to death. The terror is in your radio.

Its chronically boring

Watered down

And TV turns the soul to rumble

Art has no place here among these follies of sound. Music is just an excuse, part of the political landscape, something to hang the concept on.

And how insulting is that
How insulting is that!!

It’s made by machines
It’s made by machines

The terror is in your radio

And it’s made by machines