Pulco’s 9 Volt Session

session 1smallRecently I had had the pleasure of meeting up with and filming a session for the mighty Alun Jones ! We fought off the mountain rain to record a version of my current single ‘Hardships’ through Al’s 9 Volt PA. I was also supported by  battery powered beat loops courtesy of my  iPad.

Check out the video below!

The single can also be downloaded HERE for free

Alun’s first session with the excellent Mr Phormula is also up to veiw


New Single – Hardships

coverIn Jan 2012 I recorded a BBC Wales radio session for Bethan Elfyn in Cardiff. The producer Darren Broome and I stayed in touch and worked on a track together for the Pulco album (The Mapleson Cylinders) that I was beginning to make at the time. I was also in the process of putting together ‘The Man Of Lists’ for release that year so I sort of stopped working on the new album while I got that finished.

I was recording on a hand help Zoom H4 recorder at the time which I found difficult to work with so when I received iPad for my birthday I decided to put the Mapleson album on hold and start Clay Cutlery instead. The Mapleson songs just weren’t coming together either so I thought it best to leave them and do something else.

Having had a years or so away from the songs I decided to have a listen to them again recently and they didn’t actually sound that bad so my plan is to release them bit by bit as free singles over the coming months, the first of which is Hardships & Kings.

Click the link below to hear the tracks and get your free download

On Making Music

On making music PicThis week we are mourning the loss of the Welsh Music Foundation. As an organisation it provided support and industry advice to Welsh bands & musicians for over 14 years and is a huge blow for music in our country.

This week however also sees the release of a new book called ‘On Making Music’ by my friend and BBC broadcaster Adam Walton. The book is a wide-ranging guide for original music-makers, encouraging originality and covering many different aspects of being a musical artist in 2014: songwriting, recording, getting gigs, making money, DIY releases etc.

I firmly believe that some of the industry support and guidance lost due to the demise of the WMF will be regained through the knowledge and experience that has been put in to this book.

It took Adam a year to write and is 400 pages long. In his own words ‘It’s exhaustive but hopefully not exhausting’

The book features contributions from, and exclusive interviews with, a range of influential artists: Alan Holmes, Andrew Falkous, Angharad Trwbador, Badly Drawn Boy, Charlie Francis, Clive Langer, Colin Newman, David Gedge, David Wrench, Deke Leonard, Donal Whelan, E, Elliott Smith, Frank Black / Black Francis, Georgia Ruth, Gruff Rhys, Huw Stephens, Ian Brown, Jarvis Cocker, Jeremy Gluck, Jim Bob, Jimi Goodwin, Jo Riou, John Hywel Morris, John Rostron, Jon Langford, Julia Ruzicka – Prescriptions, Kim Fowley, Kristin Hersh, Liam Gallagher, Manda Rin, Marcus Warner, Mark Daman Thomas / Shape Records, Mark Foley, Martin Carr, Matt Robin, Matthew Evans, Mike Peters, Neil Innes, Owain Trwbador, Owen Powell, Paul Draper, Paul Gray, Polly Thomas, Ray Davies, Rhydian Dafydd, Richard Hawkins, Richard Parfitt, Ritzy Bryan, Stephen Moshi Moshi, Tjinder Singh, Tom Robinson, Turnstile Music, Van McCann…

The book can be downloaded HERE

Adam says that the intention for On Making Music is for it to be as accessible and affordable as possible so he is kindly making the guide available as a donation based download !!

I think that ‘On Making Music’ is set to become something of a standard resource for all of us who record and release music here in Wales and beyond and I recommend that you grab a copy NOW !!

The Wires 2012

072Last year my friend and London-based performance artist and poet Jude Cowan Montague suggested that we work together on a project.

Over a period of time we assembled a 29 minute piece entitled The Wires 2012. The album is a sound art collage created from  Jude’s new poetry collection of the same name.

Jude works as an archivist on the Reuters collection and her book interprets selective international news stories of 2012 in a continuous stream.

I took Jude’s recordings of the work and collaged them with audio recordings of my day-to-day sounds and events including a ride on an open top London tour bus, preliminary completions for the Urdd National Eisteddfod and the Star Wars exhibition at LEGOLAND Windsor. 

The album is out NOW Via Pethau Garw and can be ordered from the Bandcamp link below

For more information regarding Jude and her work please visit her website


Derrero Album Re-issues

dd1In the 17 years since the first Derrero album was released a lot has changed in the way that way music is distributed and consumed. Back in 1997 the ‘Blue’ album came on Cd & Vinyl and that was your lot.

Once the band split that was pretty much the end of the story for those songs ! They became a distant memory in the minds of those that fondly remembered the band.

After Derrero played a short set together two years ago I proudly announced that I’d take responsibility for making our old albums available again in a digital format and then promptly forgot all about it until now !!

This week however marks the return of Derrero !!! or at least the return of our music.

If you are still of a mind to be interested in such things all of the 3 albums & 3 EP’s that Derrero released between 1997 – 2002 can be downloaded for free at the link below

If you do grab a copy of one of those releases please take a moment to give us a mention on the social network of your choice.

Get your Derrero HERE

The Crog Loft Music Club

TWRHEADER29It’s Monday and I’m feeling fruity !!!

Here is a FREE album for you album that I’ve been meaning to post for some time now.

The Crog Loft Music Club features a load of demos, field recordings and rarities that have been up on Soundcloud for ages.

It’s nice that Myfi’s Bags & Song For Nel are now available after all this time

Anyway, you can download them for free now at the Pulco Bandcamp site!! Enjoy



Tales From The Cutlery Drawer

IMG_0004QJust a quick post to let you know that my new book of poetry ‘Tales From The Cutlery Drawer’ is now available.

I’m working on a special print copy at the moment but you can get your hands on my words, so to speak, from the link below .


Here is one of the poems from the book so you can see how ace it is ;0)

Cheers all



A Gulf Of Understanding

Monday night
In North Wales

We sit here
Safe within walls
Having lives, moments,

Existing in bubbles
Of self preservation
That blanket our
Barred window bodies

We heave with relief
When we survive another day
Making a deal
Out of the trivial
In domestic routine

Coloured and whites in the basket

Tomorrows football boots cleaned before school

But how weird is
this world of reasonable fortune
Which blinkered as we are
Forms the gulf of our understanding
Our context

When at that exact same moment

The cake bakes,
The kettle clicks as it boils
Or Eastenders starts

At that exact same moment
On the other side of the world
Or the opposite side of the road

Someone else dies

Riffs & Quiffs Cloudcast #11 SKIFFLE SPECIAL

abd702f6-e47e-46b0-947d-0939459e2576My mate Liam Curtin is a DJ and 50’s Rock ‘N’ Roll enthusiast. He also lovingly creates the Riffs & Quiffs Cloudcast mix series over on Mixcloud!!!

In the latest Cloudcast Liam and Dan Nichols, singer and washboard player with Railroad Bill Skiffle Group choose their favourite skiffle records from the 1950s. There’s also a bit of skiffle history thrown in.!!

You can join the Riffs & Quiffs Facebook group, HERE

And I recommend you check out Cloudcast #11 HERE

Open Your Wallets

lpThe new single ‘Open Your Wallets’ is released on March 17th as a download via Bandcamp

The package includes a full colour postcard containing credits and a download code, a story and picture A4 sheet and a mechanical head badge housed in a poly bag !! All this for £2 inc postage

(Update  – 10.06.14 – There are a couple of copies still  left !!)

The B’side of the single is a cover version of an ace tune by Ben Mason. His new album Dogs N Yaa can be heard here


The News Agents

NewsAgents1The News Agents  is a brilliant new radio programme currently being broadcast on Saturday afternoons via the increasing popular London Arts Radio station ‘Resonance FM’

The show is presented by my old friend and collaborator Jude Cowan Montague who along with Rob Edwards and guest artists, mix news analysis, art & poetry to discuss and creatively respond to stories making the headlines around the world.

Last week (Feb 01) The team played some of the collaborative sound collage stuff that Jude & I have been working on as well as a piece that I wrote exclusively for the show.




The News Agents can be heard every Saturday between 2.30 & 3.30 pm over at Resonance FM