Important news !!! The end has come for Pulco

Dear friends,

As you know I’ve been recording under the name Pulco for nearly 20 years now and I’m extremely proud of the music that I’ve made in that time (and there is a lot of it) This music is a document of my life and the day to day events that surround me and just as my life has changed and developed over that time so has my music. I’m not the same person that I was back in 1998 when I first began to record as Pulco.

Over the last two years and certainly since the  Innovation In The Trade album I haven’t felt like I was making Pulco music anymore. Something new is coming out in me and I feel that this new sound needs it’s own identity and a fresh context in which to grow

For that reason I have decided that it is time to draw a line under the name Pulco and start over.

This website and the Pulco bandcamp page will remain of course as a permanent archive to the last 20 years but I will be creating a new web space for my new project.

So to the future then ???

 I’m now operating under the name Chow Mwng and you can find me at the following links

Chow Mwng Twitter



I know that all of this sounds like a weird thing to do but it is something that I need to do for myself

I hope that you will all continue to join me on the musical journey ’cause I’ve got a lot of good ideas !! ha ha

Chrome Toe


Those of you who follow me will know that I hate to sit on music that I’ve made and not release it. I know it is random & disjointed but that is what you sign up to with Pulco I’m afraid. Anyhow, with that in mind I’d like to present to you a new album called ‘Chrome Toe’

The music was inspired by a summer reading John Cage lectures and listening to noise music. If you’d like to hear a few tracks or pre-order a cd (which comes in a hand folded origami sleeve) then please visit the Recordiau Prin website

Click here for Chrome Toe

Farmyard & Library – out now

 FullSizeRender (14)Hi all !!!!

The new Pulco album ‘Farmyard & Library’ is out now !!

The album took a year to make and was inspired by the following artists & musicians

Cabaret Voltaire, ATV, The Fall, Willem De Kooning
Penguin Café Orchestra, Can, Ty Segall, The Nurse with wound
Datblygu, David Toop , Frank Auerbach, Eno’s Obscure records
Audrey Flack, Heratius, Mark Lazenby, Richard Diebenkorn
Chrome, Robert Rauschenberg, AMM, John Cage, Fred Frith
Wire, Keith Rowe, Steve Reich, Joseph Cornell, Henry Darger
Big Black, Fast Product Records, Mars, Lynda Benglis
Ashtray Navigations, Richard Youngs, MC Mabon , Richard Brautigan
Erik Nitsche, Young marble Giants , Joy Division, The Passage
Pere Ubu, Dome, The Swell Maps, Bill Orcutt, Durutti Column
This Heat, Hans Arp, Blurt, Kurt Schwitters, John Foxx
The door and the window, Tremolo Ghosts, Radio Europa, Mark Perry
Adrian Henri, Chamberpot, Cleaners from Venus, Danny & the dressmakers, Experimentali products, Iko, Oh Peas, The 49 Americans
Howard Hodgkin, Albert Irvine, David Salle, Fiona Rae, Dada/Bauhaus,
William Burroughs, Concrete poetry, Henry Miller
Pavement, Captain Beefheart, Jandek, Lou Barlow, Sentridoh
Soft Machine, Robert Wyatt, Cy Twombly, Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, Dr Strangely Strange,
Boduf Songs, John Bunker, Renaldo & The loaf, Lemon Kittens


If you’d like a copy then CD’s are available here and special edition cassettes are available here


Tremolo Ghosts – Super Computer Designs Seashell

Lips square1Super Computer Designs Seashell by Tremolo Ghosts is the next release on my label Recordiau Prin!!

The album is out on June 24th but can be pre ordered now over on the label Bandcamp page

‘……Etched out of dust in the cold halls and stairways of forgotten museums, this is the sound of ancient forms colliding with the buzzing urgency of technology. Ecology and music crackle under microscopes. Secretly decoding history among the twitching circuits. These songs were buried deep beneath dark soil in capsules. Waiting to be discovered by conquering life forms in far off centuries. Constantly in motion. Observing nature as it reclaims abandoned structures……’

If you’d like to hear the whole album scroll down to the player below

Human Edwards – Indicators EP

Here is an exclusive listen to the full Human Edwards EP. Pre order it from the link below

Human Edwards are

Benjamin Mason –

Pulco –

Our EP was inspired by the rhythmic noises made by car indicators and contains spoken word stories about the cars themselves and the idiots that drive them.


Pethau Garw – TV Cut Up Poems

Doc1-page-001We hear many sounds in the course of a day
The average ear is constantly being bombarded with a barrage of unrelated noise which comes at us from every direction.
A brain can seemingly filter and prioritise this sound to allow a person to function on a daily basis without going mad but unconsciously everything still passes through our ears and mixes together to soundtrack our lives and colour our thoughts.

Now if this thought became speech and noise remained unfiltered what would become of the jumbled audio mess seeping through our ears?

Would we allow this mix of thought and external sound to blur our boundary of reality? Would it drive us towards confusion and paranoia? Would it create an uneven state of consciousness where everything is ……………

TV Cut Up Poems is a new zine of cut & paste concrete poetry. The zine is accompanied by a two track 20 min sound collage CD

If you would like a copy follow the link to the Pethau Garw  bandcamp page

Buy TV Cut Up Poems HERE

Sketchbook Season EP

photo1Back in 2011 I recorded a set of tunes for Shane Quentin, host of the legendary ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights’ radio show.

My aim, as was the case with previous sessions for the show, was to try to record something new, different and eclectic (pretty much like the show itself)
I started using an iPhone app called Everyday Looper to build rhythms with Ifans drum kit and household sounds and then wrote the songs to fit with the loops.
This idea also formed the basis for what I eventually ended up doing on the album ‘Clay Cutlery’

Anyhow the songs were released as the Sketchbook season EP but never found their way on to CD until now

Special mini CD versions of the EP can be purchased below and the insert contains an interview that I gave back in 2012

FullSizeRender (2)


1 Whistle Frog Finds A Way
2 Don’t Stand Down
3 Party Started
4 Hair
5 Knuckles


Click the link below to buy the Sketchbook Season EP £6 + 1pp  – A pound each goes back to my kids who decorated the CD’s

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Noise – A Definition Of Music

musicWhat is music????

Our developed culture & western education would instinctively lead us to say that music is the sounds we hear on an album or CD. The sound of a pop song, orchestra or our favourite band or singer.

But what actually IS music??

To find a way to answer that I think we need to break the question down and get back to basics. I’d like to suggest that really music is just organised sound. A collage of accepted noise that our brains have been trained to recognise as popular music or whatever. But in reality, sound (noise) is all around us all the time so how do you truly decide what sounds are music and which one aren’t and where music starts or stops? Very often the natural, organic ambient sounds that surround us are used by musicians to record improvised compositions with the same results that compositions are recorded using conventional instruments and structures. When you actually listen hard there are any number of complex rhythms and melodies circulating around us all the time.

So maybe then we can reasonable conclude that all sound is music or at least has the potential to be interpreted as such by our brains?

Once we become receptive to the ‘musical’ possibilities that this definition creates it has the potential to open up to us all a whole new world of sonic experience.

I have a deaf daughter and am beginning to go deaf myself in my left ear so sound in all its forms is really important and vital to me and my family. I appreciate the sounds of my kid’s voices or the howling wind outside the house with the same amount of joy and wonder that I experience from my favourite album or song because one day I may lose the ability to hear them both.

Sometimes I resist putting a CD on in the car and listen instead to the sound of the wheels on the road or the wonderfully intricate rhythm of the windscreen wipers in the rain. No two vehicles have the same sounds. Nature has a brilliant palate of sounds, all for free.

Generally though we end up taking sound (noise) for granted – of course we do!! If we were to consciously tune in to every last sound around us life would be exhausting! It makes sense that our brains filter out the sounds we don’t need to hear in favour of the ones that we do need to hear to help us get through our day.

Sometimes though I think that it is important to take a little time to tune back into all of the many beautiful vibrations and frequencies that enter our ears on a daily basis and really consider how they make us feel.

Maybe for a moment today we should  all stop to appreciate our ears! Turn off the radio/CD/TV and list in our minds all of the domestic sounds that we can hear, then consider them one by one.

Draw yourself some conclusions about the experience.

Give your ears the credit they deserve.

Hopefully when you sit down and really think about it you may find that the gentle rhythm of your dishwasher or the purr of the central heating system is something that you could actually enjoy listening to on a regular basis in the same way that you listen to a CD. Who knows, you may even conclude that the experience is infinitely more pleasing and emotive than subjecting yourself to new Coldplay single? Dunno, it’s just a thought: 0)

Anyway, look after your ears folks and don’t fear the noise.