Open Your Wallets

lpThe new single ‘Open Your Wallets’ is released on March 17th as a download via Bandcamp

The package includes a full colour postcard containing credits and a download code, a story and picture A4 sheet and a mechanical head badge housed in a poly bag !! All this for £2 inc postage

(Update  – 10.06.14 – There are a couple of copies still  left !!)

The B’side of the single is a cover version of an ace tune by Ben Mason. His new album Dogs N Yaa can be heard here


RELYCS EP Released today !!!!!!!

248182_580130112008097_641267267_nHi all, the Relycs EP is released today! have a read below for more information on project

‘Songs For Abandoned Tube Stations’ is an EP of songs by RELYCS,  inspired by the sights, sounds and ghosts of the dozens of closed, unused, or only-travelled-through-at-speed Underground tube stations beneath the streets of London. The EP contains 3 tracks – ‘Aldwych Branch Line’, ‘Lord’s Station’ and ‘Down Street’, recorded by me (Pulco), the brilliant Adam Leonard and chiptune master Stephen McLeod Blythe (AKA Unexpected Bowtie) respectively. The music  travels from  complex and highly evocative subterranean soundscapes, past Adam Leonard’s dark, dripping platform of ominous organ music and finally terminates with  Stephens wonderfully simple yet affective chip tune Nintendo Gameboy programming, like the music from some uncreated ‘Super Mario London Underground’ game.

Relycs Pic 1finalFormat for the release is limited edition C30 Magnetic Tape, each with 3 full colour numbered postcards, a credits sheet + a digital download. The tapes come in stickered, numbered slip cases and there will be 30 copies only.!!!

The EP is available from: Pethau Garw at a cost of £5+pp or you can just hit the button below

For more info on the other  Relycs members see the links below

Adam Leonard –

Unexpected Bowtie –

**** Pethau Garw has limited stock of the RELYCS tape. The release can also be purchased from Adam Leonard at ****

Toby Duckett – Welcome to the album !

Toby Duckett is a self-confessed music freak ! He loves the techy stuff and is fascinated by the process of making music which is right up my street! However, that being said  he also has a fine ear for a tune as you can hear below.


Over on his website – Toby has spelled out his musical manifesto!

‘My name is Toby and I’ve decided to take on a massive challenge. I am going to write and record an album and then market and distribute it myself. All from the comfort of my own home.

This is a huge project and I’m pretty freaked out about it but I figured that there might be a few people out there who might be interested in the process. I’m hoping to keep you by my side as I work through issues with creative block, musical triumphs, the changing face of the music industry and more’

There are already a whole load of interesting posts up on the website documenting Toby’s progress which I recommend you read but more importantly check out the music and follow the project!!/tobyduckett

The Man Of Lists – Profiles 2 – Snippet

Next up in my on going series of posts profiling the excellent people that have helped me make the new Pulco album ‘The Man Of Lists’ is my old pal Snippet.

Snippet is London born /Colchester based Johnno Casson with a big help from Dutch producer Wim Oudijk. Casson cut his teeth as lead singer of trip hop pioneers Deep Joy, working with the likes of Andrew Weatherall (Primal Scream), James Lavelle (UNKLE) and Adrian Sherwood (On-U-Sound).

BBC 6 Music favourite Snippet has released 4 EPs between 2008-2011 that have garnered a great deal of critical acclaim and airplay.

Snippet’s debut album Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey is delivered with a keen understanding of how to present modern electronica fuelled pop music in an original and devastatingly appealing way. Add to this splashes of folk & funk, this album offers light & shade that delivers on a number of levels with a refreshing & unique take on what life has to throw at you.

This is a melting pot debut of the observational & biographical with hooks to die for; yet scratch their surface and you’ll find these are songs chock full of character and substance.

Snippet’s music is 100% original and revels in sounding deliciously different and fresh as a daisy.

Keep your eyes peeled too people because Johnno has just finished a new album going out under his own name called ‘Window Shopping’ and the T Shirt EP is now available from here

Snippet Bandcamp

If you fancy something a little cheeky, squeaky and quite uniquey then throw on your shades, pull up a deckchair and dip your toe in!

‘The Man Of Lists’ can be heard and pre ordered here


The Man Of Lists – Profiles 1 – Butchers Prime Cuts

Pulco has a great new album coming out on June 18th called ‘The Man Of Lists’ which has been made with the generous help of nine talented collaborators. The album sets music to Dictaphone recordings of my poems. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting profiles on each of the arists that helped to create that music so you know who they are.

First up is Butchers Prime Cuts.

Butcher’s Prime Cuts is the alter-ego of Nick Butcher head honcho at the very fine indie label Folkwit Records.

As well as having a penchant for all things alt-folkish (not to mention membership of East-Midlands-based old folkies, Palava), he likes to play with ambient sound samples, loops and bleeps in his spare time – most of his BPC creations remain unpublished and unheard beyond the confines of his home micro-studio. However, the encouragement of recent collaborations with the mighty Pulco (Dictaphone Home, Small Thoughts) have lead him to ponder the prospect of actually releasing some noises into the public domain at some point in the not-too-distant future.

It may happen!( and already has !!)

Meanwhile, he’s always happy to consider any collaborations or indeed provide ambient sound-scapes for any interesting project.

Visit here to contact Butchers Prime Cuts

And the new BPC Bandcamp page is here

‘The Man Of Lists’ can be heard and pre ordered here

BBC Wales review of the Chester gig!

Many thanks to Adam Walton for writing this ace review of the Pulco set at Telfords last week.

Click here to view the original post on the BBC Wales Music blog.

Adam took the photo too.

‘Ashley Cooke, aka Pulco, has been here before. He’s probably been to most venues before. He toured the length and breadth of the UK with his previous band Derrero. When I introduce him onto the stage, he can’t remember how many times he’s played here before either.

Neither can he remember all of his lyrics. The stage looks like a tornado has ripped through a foolscap warehouse. Maybe, as he admits from the stage himself, he’d have more chance of remembering the songs if he rehearsed them! But this lack of ego and considered guile is exactly what makes Pulco so endearing and special. Music get action painted in Ash’s heart whether he likes it or not. He just opens his mouth and lets it stream out in more colours than most of us can dream in.

It’s hugely disconcerting when the voice I introduce him with cedes into a vocal piece I recorded for his most recent album (Small Thoughts). The set then quietly delights us all. What wonderful spells Ashley casts with his slipstream voice, acoustic guitar, an iPod with a few backing tracks on it, and Y Niwl’s Sîon Glyn on stylophone (on one song, anyway).

I know Ash liked a bit of Pavement when Derrero were in their heyday, and his songs have a similar sense of the gracefully unexpected as Pavement’s quieter and more beautiful moments. But Ash’s songs – stripped to their glittering bones like this – remind me most of Jimmy Webb. Place Lid On Me has that minor chord ebb, then ebb again, of Wichita Lineman. That final moment was worth the entry price alone’

Pulco live @ Telfords in Chester

They say that good things come to those who wait and Pulco’s trip to Chester to play a gig for Adam Waltons Crackling Vinyl  team @ Telfords Warehouse last night certainly fell into that category !

It was grand to play to decent crowd who actually listened to my stuff

Many thanks to Adam and all of the nice people that we met.



Cheers to Adam Walton for the photos below !










I thought it only right to bring my double chin along for the occasion ! 










The stylophone is being played by the mighty Sion Glyn. He has a band of his own that you should check out as well.

Y Niwl

Free tracks !! Bear Bones

Seasons greetings everyone. Pulco has some free music again for you all !!!Bear Bones is a candid little EP of songs that I’ve recorded over the past few months on my Dictaphone

You may know two of the tunes from my live set, but here they are in all their gnarly glory for you to enjoy at home





Bear Bones – 4 Dictaphone songs

1 Lucky Scrapes

2 Myfi’s Bags – featuring Myfi herself

3 Hardships

4 Monkey Running


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Merry Christmas people !!!